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Summer Workshops starting June 8-June 20 and June 22- July 3

Summer is coming on fast and our summer workshops are filling up quickly. Don’t miss your chance to hold one of these slots as the popularity for our summer programs has really expanded. We can hardly wait to have your children share this amazing dramatic and musical theater experience with us. Call now!

Workshop 1:
June 8 – 19 ( Middle school – High School/College) 9 – 3:30
Workshop 2:
June 22 – July 3rd (Elementary – College) 9 – 3:30)

Cost is $400 for the two week workshop.

THEATRE can have an enormous impact on a child’s self-esteem and confidence. In today’s society, a great deal of importance is placed on a person’s ability to express themselves. The theatre is an excellent way to develop this skill!

The Acting Studio has been in business since 2002 and the directors have been enthusiastic teachers in their fields for 10 years prior. Both Victoria and Daniel hold degrees in performance and education in Music and Theatre. At The Acting Studio they strive to create a nurturing, creative environment that downplays competition in favor of a supportive, family-like atmosphere where everyone succeeds in reaching their desired goals.

The Acting Studio’s classes teach all of the many faceted skills necessary to be successful in the industry, but the Studio’s casting process enables every child to have a say in the parts they receive from the moment they join the Studio. The Watsons teach audition strategies and techniques knowing that they are necessary in a competitive market — but they value a warm, encouraging atmosphere and an educational environment. They teach teamwork and support for your castmates, and feel it is their job to help every student achieve their personal best in an atmosphere free of judgment or competition amongst peers.

The Acting Studio curriculum includes: Mime, Improvisation , Scene work,  Study of Classical Works, A broad range of Stage Skills, Spring Musicals and Summer Workshops.

Homeschooling Classes offered during school hours.

CLICK HERE for our schedule of available courses.

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