What People Are Saying About The Studio!


It’s fun to be at The Acting Studio, because you can act out funny things. It’s fun to be on stage and Mrs. Watson hugs me.  -- Caroline Schlein, 7

As a teacher, I know that the kids who have passed through your doors are stronger, wiser, more self-confident, empathetic & courageous, kinder, happier and at peace with themselves because of their experiences at the Acting Studio.  -- Lynne Grigelevich

I don't think there has ever been someone who has walked into the acting studio without feeling loved or appreciated. -- Isabella DeChard, 13


"Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!  For all that have done for our son during his Middle School years; and for all of the kids who have been blessed to have found a home in your theatre family.  Besides providing an enriching, nurturing environment for kids to challenge themselves and gain unimaginable confidence.... You truly do save lives." 


Parent of Acting Studio student

"I've never known such love and acceptance until the Acting Studio

came into my life!"

Alexa Fernandez (High school Freshman), Acting Studio student

The Studio changed my life in more ways then one. It was at the Studio that I fell in love with acting and decided that I wanted to make theatre my career, but it was also at the Studio that I found out what friendship really means and discovered some of the best friends I'll ever have.

Kate Poovey (College Junior), Acting Studio student

"BRILLIANT FINALE TONIGHT !!! What an amazing run of 'Beauty & the Beast!"  The show was wonderful in every way, every day! Thank you and Dan for the passion you share with our children...we love you LOTS ! xoxox"

Parent of Acting Studio student

Family. That's what separates The Acting Studio from other ones. It's the reason I went. It's the reason I came back. It's the reason I want to go back again.

Peter Gonzalez (High School Senior), Acting Studio student